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Our Services

Home cleaning


Bubbles & Suds ® Green home cleaning services operate in team of two.. Teams are bonded, insured and trained cleaning professionals.

The crew member, for your convenience, will arrive in your home fully equipped. We provide our own equipment and supplies.

At Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services, customer's needs are our number one priority. We make sure that all our work is specifically undertaken to efficiently meet the outcomes that the customers demand.



Office Cleaning

Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services have a goal to make your life at home or at work easier.

We are tailored to diverse markets from small to big sized commercial premises such as education facilities, transport and hospitality facilities, business and factory offices, healthcare, government, childcare centers etc...

Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services will turn your work environment into a sparkling clean space.

General office cleaning:
-sweep and mop floors
-vacuum carpets
-dust and clean office furniture
-surface clean kitchen area
-empty and clean wastebaskets
-dust edges and baseboards
-dust air vents

Additional service includes:
-professional carpet cleaning and full carpet maintenance
-all hard floors refinishing and full maintenance
-24/7 water damage and restoration

Clean and sanitize bathrooms:
-toilet seats, urinals, sinks and counter-tops are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
-floors are mopped with disinfectant solutions
-partitions tile walls, dispensers, doors and receptacles are disinfected
-paper products are restocked and plastic liners replaced
-clean light fixtures, mirrors, picture frames
-faucets and handles polished and shined

-dust and clean glass surfaces of all fingerprints

-vacuum, mop, dust air vents and fans
-clean handrails and doors

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