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Quality assurance is at the heart of our company. Bubbles & Suds ® Green home cleaning services will make sure that all its work is specifically undertaken to efficiently meet the outcomes that the customers demand.


Sinks and toilets scrub brushed
-mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
-tile walls, bath tubs and showers given extra attention
-mold and mildew chemically treated
-shower doors scrubbed
-doors and door frames spot checked
-cabinets cleaned
-knick-knacks individually hand wiped
-baseboards hand wiped
-floors and corners scrub brushed.

We will get rid of trash and pick up laundries enabling us to deeply clean the room and get your bathroom back in shape.

We’ll dust down any blinds and other window treatments as well as the outside of vents and fans using light wetted clean cloth if needed.

Shower doors will be given extra attention. Soap scum build-up will be dissolved with commercial cleaner and mold and mildew will be chemically treated.

We will scrub down the toilet and clean the handle, crevices on the outside and underneath.

We will clean up the bathroom cabinets and wash down the sink and fixtures. Mirrors will be cleaned as well. “Trash can” will be washed out.

Bathroom rugs will be shake out and vacuumed if needed.

We will wash and scrub your bathroom floor by hands.

Thank you for choosing the green home cleaning by Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services.

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