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Vacuuming is one of the most important things to do regularly to maintain a clean home. With Bubbles & Suds ® Green home cleaning services, your carpets, upholstered furnitures, drapes and hard floors will regularly be vacuumed each and every time of visit.

Vacuuming hard floors: hard floors are valuable. We use our vacuum equipped with hard floor settings that is best for removing debris and hairs from hard floors.

Vacuuming upholstered furnitures: with our light-weighted vacuum cleaner equipped with powered upholstery brushes, we will vacuum under and behind furnitures and will make 
sure to clean all sides of cushions and pillows.

Vacuuming drapes and blinds: Bubbles & Suds ® Green home cleaning will make sure to regularly vacuum your drapes and blinds.

All floors and carpets vacuumed
-upholstery vacuumed
-carpet edges vacuumed
-under accessible furniture vacuumed
-accessible closet floors vacuumed
-wood floors vacuumed and dust mopped
-stairs and hallways vacuumed.

We vacuum all carpets and all hard floors moving of items of furniture that can be moved.

We’ll treat your home to a through in-depth cleaning. We lift items and vacuum beneath them.

We vacuum furniture if accessible under beds, under cushions, vacuum upholstery.

Maids, Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services will perform and oversee small maintenance projects throughout the year upon your request. If carpet cleaning is needed, we can do it for you with an additional charge.

Additional service includes:
-professional carpet cleaning and full carpet maintenance
-all hard floors refinishing and full maintenance
-24/7 water damage and restoration
-carpet sales and installation

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