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General dusting throughout the house

– cobwebs removed
– ceiling fans feather dusted
– Venetian-type blinds feather dusted
– louver doors feather dusted
– lamp shades feather dusted
– picture frames feather dusted
– window sills and ledges damp wiped
– baseboards damp wiped
– damp cloth dusting on flat areas
– knick-knacks hand wiped
– furniture hand wiped and polished
– doors and door frames spot checked
– fingerprints removed as needed.

Dusting is the most important step in home cleaning. Dust must be removed before any cleaning can be performed in all rooms including hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

We will grab dust, dirt and hair everywhere in your home.

The maids, Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services will conveniently clean and dust thoroughly all furniture, surfaces and wall corners leaving them clean and revitalized, giving every room their refreshing and shiny look. You’ll enjoy the beauty and warmth of each and 
every room in your home for years to come.

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