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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


We are an expert and professional green cleaning company who want to put our commercial, domestic and home maintenance skills into action so that we can better serve the community with an affordable price. Our most important goal is to clean and maintain the beauty of your home, to retain its bright and fresh look.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services is fully registered, licensed, insured and bonded. We strive to give you an honest and full resolution to any problems or issues that may arise..


Our Mission

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Maids, Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services will guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the work we have performed in your home, we will re-clean it at no additional cost.

Professional Cleaning Systems:
Maids, Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services will give you a professional cleaning system so that you receive the highest quality green cleaning possible. You'll have service you look forward to and trust each and every time of visit.

Quality Assurance:
Maids, Bubbles & Suds ® Green Cleaning Services will make sure everything you have requested will be efficiently cleaned to your specifications to ensure superior quality cleaning services. We will continually make you glad you chose Bubbles & Suds™ Green Cleaning Services

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