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Make room for winter fun: Organizing your stuff as season changes

The cooler weather is upon us and it’s time to start planning on organizing your stuff. Whether you need to unpack your winter wardrobes and sweaters and set aside your warmer clothing for temporary storage, or you need store summer items such as kayaks, bikes and paddleboards, there is no better time to prepare than before the weather actually makes the change.

Perhaps your apartment is already jammed with overflowing closets and your garage is no different; so how in the world are you going to manage your living space for these items? Here are some organizing tips on now you can make more room for winter fun!

Move your summer stuff out. There are many items in your home that you used during summer that won’t have any use at all during the fall and winter months. Summer items such as golf clubs, sports bag, water skis, wakeboard, scuba tank, container, bike, kayak, and paddleboard may be put into temporary storage so you can free up more space for your winter stuff.

Set aside all winter items. Start going through each corner of your home and grab the items that you will need over the course of fall and winter. The most common items include clothing—sweaters, hats, coats, pants—that you will want to replace your summer wardrobe with. With Christmas right around the corner you could finally free up more space by getting those decorations out and so you can easily get them when the time comes to have them donned out.

Storing your stuff away ensures that you will have the right items stored in time for the weather change, and frees up the space you will need for the new season. Start making room in your homes for some winter fun today!

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