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Why should you perform deep cleaning of your kitchen

Cleaning is very important in every business regardless its domain. But it is a must for hotels and restaurant. Not having a clean environment where the food is being cooked will not only make people having that food susceptible to germs thus cause illness, but it can also cost you a lot of money. In worst cases it might end up you closing your restaurant. Despite the fact that you have stringent cleaning processes installed it is imperative that you perform a regular deep clean of your commercial kitchens. As this will help you maintain the highest standards of health and safety. The Food and Safety Acts of 1990 and 1995 make it compulsory for you to keep your kitchen clean.

How often should you deep clean?

This is an important question to ponder off. Despite the fact that you do regular cleaning every day, it is important that you perform a deep cleaning of your takeaway restaurant at least once a year. However, equipment such as filters and extractor fans should be cleaned every six months; this is also stated in the food and safety act of 1990 and 1995. Cleaning after every six months will ensure that no grease and dirt is accumulated in places that are hard for you to reach.

What will a ‘deep clean’ involve?

The main objective of a deep clean is to remove dirt from those areas and places which go unnoticed during the regular cleaning procedures, for example, dirt gathered within the ventilation systems, inside parts of equipment, under the equipment, behind the equipment, ceilings and high up areas of the walls. If you do not pay heed to these areas, they will not only become unhygienic, but these are also the places in which the fire hazards of deposits build-up can occur. The best part about deep cleaning is that it not only ensures that you are abiding the law, but it also increases the line time of your equipment.

It is recommended that you take help from an expert commercial cleaning company as they will guarantee that the job is done to perfection. They will clean every part of your kitchen, ensuring that your takeaway outlet meets the highest standards of cleaning. Professional use special equipment and chemicals to clean your kitchen. They systemically go through your kitchen from top to bottom. Since they trained, thus they will get into all the places that are hard to reach during your regular cleaning. They will remove the dirt that has gathered under, behind and within the equipment. You don’t have to close down your restaurant in order to get it cleaned. Professional commercial experts do the cleaning at a time that is convenient for you.

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