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Know About 10 Things Which You Can Easily Clean With Lemon Instead Of Using Chemicals

  1. Cleaning copper and brass. To clean any copper or brass thing you just need to sprinkle a bit of salt on half lemon and scrub to clean the antique. It is better to test the lemon on a small portion to avoid any harm.

  2. Steam cleaning a microwave. Lemon can also be used to steam clean a microwave. You just need to put ¾ of cup of water with 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and heat it for about 3 minutes or till the mixture boils. Leave it like that for some minutes, and then wipe the inside. And you are done.

  3. Bleaching your clothes. You can soak the polyester and cotton clothes in water and lemon juice mixture to brighten up your clothes. You just need ½ cup of juice in per water gallon and leave the clothes in the mixture for around an hour.

  4. Make your fridge smell nice and clean with lemon. If you wish to make your fridge smell nice, you can leave just half lemon in a saucer in the fridge.

  5. Exfoliating the skin. You can get glowing skin at home by using 1 tbsp. olive oil, ½ cup granulated sugar, ½ lemon’s juice and 1 spoon of honey. This serves as a great exfoliate and can give you glowing skin.

  6. Freshen up the plastic containers. If the plastic containers smell, you can rub the lemon on the container or rinse it with juice of lemon. It is better than using the chemicals that you clean with lemon.

  7. Making the spotty knives shine. All you need to erase the rust spot on knives is just a sponge and some lemon juice.

  8. Removing the germs and stains for the kitchen boards. You just need to squeeze some lemon juice on the stains and rub the same with lemon to get rid of stains.

  9. Removing gunk from the grater. Cleaning grater is a very tough task. But running a lemon through the grater can help to get rid of the food particles and keep your fingers uncut.

  10. Sanitizing Earrings. You can use 1 tablespoon of lemon in ½ water cup to sanitize your earrings and other jewelry to make it look good and like new.

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