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Got No Space? Create that Household Storage Plan

You looked at your closet and what you saw was a pile of boxes, crammed cabinets, and a basement that is bursting with boxes, boxes and boxes. Yes, we know that exact feeling, you want a bigger house, larger storage areas, and all you want is to organize everything, and just throw away those things that are piling up. But, we will tell you this, a bigger house is not the answer to this, what you need to do is to have the right storage plan for your house, and this is easy as ABC.

A for Assessment

To start that household storage plan, you will need to have a pen and a paper. Walk around the house and write all the possible storage areas, at the same time, refresh your mind on what are the things that are stored in those areas. Once that you have listed down the possible storage areas, be specific on what to store on those areas. The next thing that you need to do is to list all the stuff that is still needed to be stored such as out of season clothing, seasonal decorations, household files, keepsake items, luggage, sporting goods and tools and hardware.

B for Banish and Box

So you are done with listing all the necessary items, now go to each storage area, know which items are needed to be stored, and those that are needed to be banished and boxed. Since you have taken down notes on where to put each item, and categorize them in which storage area to store, sort the items and box them if still necessary, however, if needed be, just throw them away or donate them to charity. And do take note that clearing the storage area is a race, slow and steady until you finish it all the way.

C for Corral and Control

You have done a great job there, sorting out items and putting them in the same storage area. Boxing things that are not needed and you are now on the final step, you need to control and make sure that the storage areas remain that way. You will need to have an Inventory Control List, list down everything that are still outside the box, put them in a plastic storage containers and it is best if you put marks on it, like red for Christmas holidays, green for garden equipment, and at the same time, record this as you do it, so that the next time you want to pull out something, you know exactly where they are.

Get your family involved! Inform everyone about the household storage plan that you have in place, so that you will have the convenience or an organized home.

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