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25 Easy-to-Follow Ideas for Organizing a Small Space Living

Everyone has different ideas about managing with small spaces. Others believe that it’s all about removing excess things but it’s about arranging and organizing your stuff in order.

Choose and pick what you think works best for you. Check the best 25 ideas on the list:

  1. Buy a bed that can be used as storage for your stuff. There are some beds that have drawers underneath.

  2. Buy things that you can use for a long time and handle them with care. Even if you need to save money, focus on buying high quality and long-lasting furniture and things.

  3. Choose goods that have soft, padded covering and can be put into cases that give them floor clearance. Air gives a visual illusion of more spaces in a small area.

  4. Depict some room arrangements on a paper and choose what works best for you.

  5. Hang some cup hooks everywhere but make sure to keep things off the counters and floor. Don’t consume a lot of space for cup hooks even though they’re inexpensive and easy to buy.

  6. Hang up fresh flowers.

  7. Have small appliances, pots and pans.

  8. Have windows or overhead skylight as much as possible to bring natural light in.

  9. Having built-ins or vertical storage can lessen the space for your stuff. If you don’t need certain stuff, remove it.

  10. If you want an open layout, exclude doors. Put up curtains for privacy if needed.

  11. In case you are a collector, change your collections in order. This way, it will lessen visual clutter.

  12. Open your CDs, transfer it into a hard drive, and then sell your albums.

  13. Organize the space properly.

  14. Plan a shelving or other storage solution in case that a particular spot attracts clutter.

  15. Post in if you have finished reading a book. You can swap books on that website.

  16. Put stuff that you don’t use daily into a storage container.

  17. Putting a mirror or reflective surfaces gives an illusion of added space.

  18. Putting wall-mounted shelves and shelves above the door can be helpful if you’re planning to put decorations like plants, small sculptures, antique stuff, etc.

  19. Try using “One In, One Out” strategy.

  20. Use a fairly neutral color scheme including shades of the same color. Or,..

  21. Use multi-functional furniture such as an ottoman that can be used for storage, as a footstool or even as a coffee table.

  22. Use something to hang your kitchenware and stuff like a pot rack.

  23. Use a stove top or oven instead of using a microwave.

  24. You can use bold color schemes since it gives a “wow” and dark colors conceal corner shadows. But, the cohesive color scheme is nice too.

  25. You can use the corners.

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