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Clutter-Free Counters All Year Round

Countertop space is your space when cooking, but, if the countertop has a lot of clutter, it will take your precious time cleaning it first before starting to cook or prepare a meal. So when your countertop is clutter free, you can use the space needed to prepare a great home cook meal. Follow our tips below to make sure you will have a clutter free countertop the whole year.

Clean while cooking

You may lose that drive to clean the countertop and the kitchen once you are done eating dinner, and sat down to watch the television with your family, or you already started to help the kids finish their assignments, or you have already started paying those bills that have piled up on your desk. So while you are at it, clean the countertop while cooking. This will make sure that after the dinner, all is clean and clutter free.

Put some drawers to keep bags and keys away from the kitchen

Upon entering your home, and looking for a place to drop your bag or keys, you go straight ahead in the kitchen to check what to cook, and there you just placed your bag on the countertop. Guilty? Yes, because you do not have any tables or drawers that you can put your things on. So clear up the countertop with non-kitchen related things to keep the countertop clutter free.

Make space saving features

While you cannot do any renovations right now, thinking about wall mounted faucets as well as built in appliances which really save space, but right now, you can try temporary solutions like put some suction sponge holders, or wall organizers to at least keep those clutter away.

Do a 10-Minute Clutter Free duty before going to bed

Clutter adds more clutter, and before you know it, you will need to clear a lot. So before going to bed, have some at least ten minutes to clear all the clutter in the countertop so it will not pile up.

Unused things must be put aside

Yes, we all know that we use that coffee maker every day so we can sip that brewed coffee that will keep us awake. But how about the bread toaster that you have used only once, and that pancake flipping appliance that you never used at all. So for those bulky kitchen appliances that you actually don’t use every day, maybe just stash them away, or keep them inside the cabinet to allow space in the countertop.

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