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Speed Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

If you are a working mother having 2 kids, (a toddler and schoolboy) and a hardworking husband, then you have to read this. Family time shouldn’t be compromised because of a messy house. Cleaning the entire house might be challenging since you are working as well, but don’t allow this to overrun the quality time for your family.

Release the supermom in you by applying these six (6) golden rules!

  • Planning – Scheduling daily routines and noting down every family member’s house activities will help you. Plan ahead of your preferred cleaning time. Speed cleaning means never having to go back to every room to clean, and by moving quickly. So start by making a planner and divide the house areas where cleaning faster will be achieved. If you have a 2 story house, start from upstairs all the way down.

  • Claygo – Clean As You Go house rule. Practice it to perfect the rhythm. Start with your kids, teach them to clean up their mess when eating and playing. It’s also another way to bond with them, now you’re hitting two birds with a single stone. You can easily persuade your husband with this simple rule as well. You can also do a role play on who will do the dishes and clean the dinner table. Kids will surely enjoy this part.

  • Bedrooms First – Hampers ready, set and clean! Master’s bedroom first then the kids’. Start by changing the linens; toss all the unnecessary stuff back to its proper places. Fast sweep all the drawers and night stands; empty the waste baskets and vacuum. When vacuuming, start from the corners, under the beds and all the floor way out. This may take approximately 15 minutes.

  • Kitchen and Dining– Apply the DCAF pattern: D-dishwashers first. C-counters next, A-appliances, F-floors. This part may take 20 minutes.

  • Living Room – When cleaning the living room, start with the clutters first, organize the area by setting proper cases for DVDs, bins for magazines, holders for remote controls and joysticks. Then wipe the glass windows with water then use newspapers instead of washcloths in a circular motion. Lastly, the floor, always clean the floor the last whenever you do house cleaning. This may take 15 minutes of your time.

  • Bathrooms – Start form the sink, shower and mirror and toilet. Again make sure you keep the floor last to be cleaned. You may want to take a shower right before/after and maintain its cleanliness. This may take 15 minutes.

Speed cleaning requires a logical order. Whatever will suit your household is fine just make sure that your preparations are handy.

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