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6 Tips To Improve The Air Quality At Your Home

1) Woodstoves and fireplaces can cause trouble

The woodstoves and fireplaces are known to create some hazardous by products and fill the air at your home with ash particles. If you are burning damp firewood, it can release mold spores in the air.

2)House cleaners, paints and pesticides can be the reason behind poor air quality

You will be surprised to know, but the house cleansers and pesticides have a major role in deteriorating the air quality inside your house. It is better to opt for a biodegradable and detergent based cleaner or pesticide to avoid the harmful effects.

3) Lead paint is a huge trouble

It is better to hire a specialist to remove the lead paint at your home as the lead paints are harmful. These paints release dust flakes, inhaling which can cause severe damage to the human brain. This is the main reason why choosing a biodegradable or organic paint is always good if you wish to improve the air quality at your home.

4) Use a good door mat to keep the dust particles away

A good door mat can act as a life savior to keep the dust particles away from your house. You can also keep the door mat vertically so that the person who enters the house has to step on it multiple times before he enters your house.

5) Keep your windows tightly closed to improve the air quality

The main way for any harsh chemicals or pollutants to enter the house is the door or the window. If you keep your windows closed properly, many harmful particles which degrade the air quality can be omitted. If you suffer from allergies, you can consider buying an effective air cleanser. If there is tobacco smoke at your home, you can consider using an air purifier which uses activated carbon.

6) Particle wood and ply board made furniture can be a reason

If the furniture in your house is made using materials such as ply board or particle wood, it can be a reason contributing to deteriorating air quality. As such products are assembled using urea-formaldehyde glues and adhesives, which cause allergies or irritation in the human respiratory tract, opt for things made of metal and hardwood.

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