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Tips on Keeping the House Clean Even When There is Pet Around

If you have a pet dog it does not mean that your house will also look and smell like a dog house. There are things that you can do to keep your house clean even when your pet is around.

Use Place Mat

To easily cleanup your puppy’s dining area, use a place mat under his bowl. You can use decorated place mat with animal-print. The mat will look appealing and can be wiped easily.

Protect the Surfaces against Scratches from your Pet

Trimming your dog’s nails regularly can help prevent scratches. You can cover the door surfaces with a Plexiglas sheet from floor to doorknob to keep it protected against your dog’s scratches. Normally, they would scratch the door to inform you that they want to go outside. As an alternative to scratching, you can train your dog to use a bell. Show him how the bell works and do not respond to scratching.

Use Pup-Friendly Upholstery

Use top-grain, semi-aniline leather furniture because this material can repel hair, easy to clean and are very durable that it can resist tearing. If you still want to use furniture that is made from fabric, choose the one that is made from microsuede or microfiber. Stay away from materials that are thin or loosely-woven, and choose tightly woven and high grade on labels. You can also place an old towel in the area where your dog usually lounges, and you can wash the towel as needed.

Act on Stains Right Away

Attend to the pet stain as soon as you see one. Canine urine may damage your carpet’s dye permanently if you left it unattended. Use dull knife to remove any solid residue. Use white, clean cloth to blot the fresh stain. Make a solution of ¼ tsp clear dishwashing liquid and 1 cup tepid water then apply it on the affected area. Use another clean dry towel to blot the area and then rinse using a clean dampened towel. Repeat the procedure until all the stain is gone.

Keep Your Pet Paws Clean

Place a towel and a container with water by your door before walking your pet outside. Before you enter the house dip each of your dog’s paws into the water and then dries them off.

Use Tape Roller for Pet Hair on Clothing

Place a tape roller on different parts of your house, so it will be easier for you to get one if you need to remove hair on your clothes.

Removing Dog Hair on Floors

Vacuum your carpet at full suction several times a week to remove your pet’s hair. Choose a high-efficiency particulate air filter. Use an electrostatic mop for wood and other hard floors.

These tips will help you keep a clean and odor free house even if you have your pet around.

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