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Lemon: an excellent cleaning agent

The yellowish, round, lemon has a number of benefits to offer. It can be used in different ways to make amazing air fresheners and great centerpiece. We are amazed by the number of benefits offered by this small citrus especially in the cleaning industry. Companies that are pro the idea of using environment-friendly cleaning procedures would always understand the importance of lemon. It gives the power not only to clean the things but also sanitize them. People who are allergic to harsh cleaning chemicals, lemon are an excellent alternative for them. Below we have listed different benefits of lemon in the cleaning industry.

Air Fresheners

You will be amazed to learn that lemon is way better air freshener as compared to all the other non-organic expensive air fresheners. This is also perfect for getting rid of the rough odors. All you have to do is cut a few lemons in half and put them in a bowl and leave them in a room full of smell for some hours. In case you are looking for a permanent freshener, you should leave the lemons as whole in the room.

Lemon is best for the fridge

Lemon has become better cleaning agent as compared to baking soda. Both of these ingredients have the perfect cleaning properties. If you plan to clean your refrigerator, you should use baking soda and lemon. First remove the spoiled food from the fridge then place a sponge soaked in lemon juice in the fridge for 3-4 hours. After the drill, you would be surprised to learn that all the smell has gone. Now cleaning the fridge is not a problem at all.

Eliminating Fire Place odors

Even one is in love with the fire especially during the cold chilly winter season, but there is one problem which often stops people from enjoying the cozy fireplace, the smell. You can try all the other remedies that are available, but nothing will work better as compared to lemon. Despite the fact, that you keep your fireplace clean, the smell is bound to come after a certain time period. In order to get rid of the smell, you should cut lemons in half, remove the peels and put them in the flames. You would be surprised how quickly the smell will go away.

Cleaning your marbles

Cleaning your house marbles is very difficult, but not anymore. With the help of lemon, you can now clean your marble very easily. Cut lemon in half and then dip one-half of it in the salt. Then scrub the marble that you want to clean with the lemon sponge. Don’t leave it for long, wash it as soon as possible as lemon can damage the marble if there is any residue.

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