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Tidying Up Ideas after New Year

After the holidays, we enjoyed the feeling of getting Christmas gifts here and there. But as we welcome a new year, we do want to organize our things to make our homes a pleasant home. But how do we declutter our things, and the new gifts that we have received during the holiday season? Check the tips below, to enjoy the so called decluttering of our homes.

1. Santa’s Rule: Get One and Toss Two

This rule is very easy to follow, once you get a new item that is the same as the older ones, toss the older ones. Example will be, if you manage to get a new DVD for Christmas and you add it into the shelves, toss two older DVDs aside and maybe donate it to someone who will be able to use it properly.

2. Face the Holiday Mailbox Challenge

The goal on this challenge is to fill out mailing boxes gifts and items that you are no longer using but can still be recycled or reused by the charity. By using the mailing boxes as a yardstick, this is a great way to declutter your home with unused things that are just in the box and donate it to someone who might be able to use those things.

3. Follow Oosouji

Cleaning, decluttering and organizing at the start of the new year is being observed in Japan, and this is called the Oosouji, this is already a part of their tradition. By following this tradition, you may remove clutter from your home, as well as organizing and cleaning.

4. Sorting before Stowing

After the holidays, you will begin to take the holiday decorations, and just keep it in the box to be used next holiday again. So this year, why not sort the things before stowing them. Look for those that are not working anymore, and those stained linens that can be used as cleaning cloths. Stow away those things that can be recycled, and by that way, you will be able to declutter the holiday decorations early.

5. Have a Toy Library

Children receiving their gifts this holidays, and it makes their rooms and storage spaces full again. So take time to make a toy library for your children, this is where they place their not so used toys, put it inside a plastic or in a box to avoid collection of dust. And when your child what to take out another toy, use the same process as libraries, to give one toy as an exchange on the toy that your child wants to get. In this way, you will avoid having clutters in your home.

Now with the tips that we have provided, let us start the year with a clutter free, organized and clean home.

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