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Less Stuff, More Happiness

Fifty years back, people had quite a normal space for things. When the thirst of ‘having more’ becomes the trend, people were actually happier than they are today when the space we have occupied has become three times more than we have 50 years ago. The little I-want-it-all man you have got inside you brought this change in space as well as in our happiness and the stuff it depends upon. Happiness depending upon stuff is quite a scary phrase itself.

Big industries buy big storage spaces to store more stuff that we buy and then we build big houses to store that stuff ourselves. It is space that we need to free since all this buying and storing leads to three pretty tormenting problems without us realizing. Those problems are 1) credit card debt 2) huge environmental footprint and 3) stress. Our happiness is visibly reducing with all the stuff increasing, that ‘less might equal more’. You cannot deny the fact that ‘less’, at some point in your life, has made you feel contented. All this might not give you feeling of having ‘everything’, but it sure does give you a little more freedom; you don’t depend on ‘stuff’ anymore and your happiness grows.

Less stuff and less space, equal to more money and happiness. Now how can you lessen things in life so that your happiness does not depend on them wholly? You can do that by editing your life. Life editing is an idea that suggests reducing or lessening the stuff in the space you dwell on. Live in a smaller house and fill it up only with your favorite stuff, which will save money and time and contribute to less environmental footprint. Further, you need to cut the extraneous out of your life. Think before buying something if you really ‘need’ it. Having a six-burner range when you only use three, for example, adds to extra space. Editing ruthlessly, thinking small and using multifunctional house wares will lead you to a happier life.

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