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Home Cleaning Tips – Get Your Child To Clean The Mess He Creates!

The birth of a child is the happiest occasion in his/her parents’ life. However, the presence of a child at home guarantees that you will be facing lots of mess from now on. May it be dirty nappies or splattered baby food, there is lots that needs to be cleaned up. But thankfully, children start developing a sense of not just responsibility but cleanliness as well; therefore, you must encourage your child into cleaning up after himself. Obviously, this skill is going to help him for the rest of his life – and would make life easier for you too!

Getting overwhelmed is a fairly common problem amongst children and parents must know how to deal with it. You need to be persistent without flaring up or else your child would never acquire any home cleaning tips. Make sure that you offer lots of guidance to your child when he starts getting overwhelmed. For example, if he has spread around too many toys, you can say something encouraging to him like, “Hey, you sure had fun in here with all this mess! Now why don’t you come help your mum clean it up a little bit”. This way, your child would get all the encouragement that he needs to start cleaning up after himself.

Cleaning with kids is a tough job and you need to make your child an active part of your home cleaning rituals – at least for those that are related to his own mess. It is best for you to create a special place where he can keep all his things. This is an extremely practical idea considering that you can place large bins there with labels on so that you child knows where to put each item. Not only would this encourage your child into keeping the house clean, it would also give him that little sense of pride that there is a special place in the house where he can keep all his things together!

If for some reason these cleaning tips do not work and your child remains reluctant towards cleaning, than you can try turning the cleaning activity into a fun game. If you are wondering how that is possible, well, all you need to do is turn on some music for your child to bounce and dance around on while keeping the toys back in their original place – it’s that easy!

Children, as you know have a very competitive nature. Families that have more than one child can easily benefit from it and work on their home cleaning skills. For example, if there are two children in the house, you can challenge them both to see who picks up the most toys in a minute’s time. This can also be done at places where there is just one child. All you need to do is challenge him into picking up the most toys in 60 seconds and record his personal best and work on improvements the next day.

No matter what the age of your child is, make sure that you thank him for all his help in cleaning up the place. Cleaning with kids is a challenge but it is tougher for kids as they lack the patience required and well, they are still very young to follow any cleaning tips. Make him feel proud of himself by saying thank you and make life easier for yourself as well!

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