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Get to know the 10 least known uses of club soda.

If you think that club soda is just a normal stain remover or a beverage, it is time to think again. There are a variety of uses to which club soda can be put to. Let us tell you 10 not so known uses of club soda.

1)To make the waffles and pancakes fluffier

If you like fluffy pancakes and waffles, you will be amazed to see how fluffy your pancakes and waffles become when you use club soda in them.

2) Removing the stains from fabric

If you are having a tough time trying to get rid of the grease stains from the fabric, just pour some club soda and rub gently to get rid of the stain. This is one of the most known uses of club soda.

3) Making gems shine

If you wish to give a bright shine to your precious gems, club soda can be a great option. You just need to soak the gems in a glass of club soda and leave it for a night.

4) Giving a mineral bath to your plants

If you have some leftover soda which you are planning to throw, better use it to water your green plants as it will help them grow better.

5) Cleaning the windshield of your car

Using a spray bottle of club soda can help you get rid of the greasy stains and bird dropping. The frizzy water helps to speed up the process.

6) Restoring the color of your hair

Your hair color may change because of taking a bath in chlorine water, so use club soda to help your hair get back to its original color. This is one of lesser known uses of club soda.

7) Making the mirrors sparkle

Apart from using the club soda to clean the car’s windshield, you can also use it to clean the mirrors and make it sparkle.

8) Making matzo ball soup

Apart from making the waffles and pancakes fluffier, you can also use club soda as an ingredient to make your matzo ball soup taste incredible.

9) Making your frizzy hair better

If you want to control frizzes of your hair, you can use club soda instead of the conditioner.

10) Cleaning up the car upholstery

If you wish to clean up the gross stains from your car upholstery such as vomit stains you can use club soda to get rid of it. Just spray the soda, let it sit for some time and then blot it with paper towel or cloth.

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