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Office Cleaning – Germ Hotspots You Shouldn’t Miss

Besides the obvious benefits it brings for your image, thorough office cleaning also helps employees stay healthy. Ignoring the cleanliness in your working place can prove disastrous both from the professional and the personal point of view. Studies were made in order to find out which is the most dangerous office germ hotspot. It appears that there are several such places in an office. If you think guessing them is easy, think again. Some of them might come up as a surprise.

You have probably never thought that the buttons on the water fountain can be a haven for germs. In fact, they are one prominent office germ hotspot. Both the attached and the incorporated ones are filled with bacteria and germs. The buttons were tested for ATP, a particle found in various living bodies, bacteria, mold and yeast. Approximately 23% of the tested buttons had results that exceeded 300. This means that they are actually infested with ATP. Over half of the buttons obtained results over 100. Even though these are less dangerous, they are not good either.

When you deal with office cleaning you probably ignore the fridge door handles. This is somehow a paradox because the fridge is after all the place where you store food, so you would want it to be as clean as possible. Over 25% of door handles obtained extremely poor results in testing for ATP and almost 70% were rated over 100 (meaning they really need to be cleaned). Fridge door handles are probably an office germ hotspot you will want to consider from now on.

You are probably expecting your keyboard to be considered one dangerous office germ hotspot. It’s no wonder it should be included in all office cleaning schedule because you touch it with your hands all day long and you often eat on top of it.

30% of all tested keyboards obtained 300 in the ATP testing while 72% obtained 100.

Just like refrigerator door handles, microwave door handles are an unexpected office germ hotspot. Tests results are pretty scary because almost half of the tested handles had results exceeding 300 when tested for ATP. Results over 100 were found in 80% of the handles. It seems like the pantry should be given a special importance when it comes to office cleaning.

The most dangerous office germ hotspot of all is the sink handle from the break room. This is a space that everybody loves, but nobody includes in the office cleaning routine. Results are astonishing, to say the least: 75% of sink handles have ATP of over 300 and over 90% have results that exceed 100.

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